Making the Most of Your Time at Home

Staying home can be stressful and intimidating when uncertainty looms. Schedules need to be redone, new normals need to be developed, and parents often have to juggle working from home and teaching their children. Being forced to stay home can upend lives in many ways, which is why Monbebe is sharing 5 ways to help you make the most of this time at home.

1. Make the most of your time.

Having more time at home, while boring and stressful at times, allows you more time than you would have otherwise. The time you used to spend commuting to work, can now be reserved for working out in the morning, or getting a start on cooking when you would normally be driving home. Maybe during your lunch you work on a hobby that you haven’t touched in years. Extra time at home can be beneficial if you have the right outlook.

2. Get outdoors, if possible.

A work from home order doesn’t necessarily have to entail only staying inside. If you have a backyard or porch, get outside and get moving. If state parks are open, go outside for a walk. Keep in mind, you need to keep your distance.

3. Play games.

Whether it be playing a video game, or playing a board game, make the most of your time indoors with the people that you live with, careful to keep your distance. Who knows, maybe you can create a new game or family tradition.

4. Video chat with friends and relatives.

Don’t let staying confined to your space keep you from talking to friends and relatives. Take advantage of today’s technology by video chatting with friends and family. Most public libraries have laptops you can borrow if you do not have a laptop or phone with camera capabilities.

5. Stay safe.

Make sure to wash your hands and disinfect surfaces frequently. Even if you’re staying inside, make sure to practice safe measures daily.

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