About Us

About Monbebe - Trusted International Baby Brand

Monbebe has been a trusted international brand in the baby gear category for decades.

Our commitment and focus is centered around providing top safety features and adding meaningful product enhancements that provide true comfort for both you and your child.

We are passionate about designing and developing products that feature today’s trends while providing enhanced details that make up the essence of our brand.

Baby inspired. Style admired. We welcome you to Monbebe.

Giving Back

Woman Holding Baby - Dash Travel System by Monbebe

We are strong believers in making the world a better place, which is why we have partnered with Watsi, a non-profit organization that provides life-altering surgeries for children around the world.

Since 2012 Watsi has provided over 20,000 surgeries that have made a difference. Through our partnership, Monbebe will donate a portion of our sales to help Watsi fulfill their mission. Together we hope to make the world a more healthy and happy place for our children.

To learn more or to make your own personal donation, click here.

Thank You from Monbebe

Watsi Donations Like Yours Help…

Kethchina from Haiti
Moe from Myanmar - Watsi Donations
Sheila from Guatemala
David from Kenya - Monbebe


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