Introducing the Intelligent Potty

Potty training is not a task for the weary. Training a little one how to use the potty is hard. Training, messes, and rewards can stop even the most seasoned trainer in their tracks. At Monbebe, we believe in producing products that function well for you and baby and also look chic. The Monbebe Intelligent Potty is the newest Monbebe product, and it checks all of the boxes.

What makes the Monbebe ‘Intelligent Potty’ intelligent? Simply put, this remarkable potty with its contemporary, ergonomic design is also equipped with a recording module for Mom or Dad to record a 6 second personal message that your child hears as a reward after successfully peeing in their potty. Once your little one takes a seat on the Intelligent Potty, the sound of rippling water will start 2 seconds after your child begins to pee. After they have finished and stand up, the Intelligent Potty will reward your little one with the special recorded message and a fun melody! The Monbebe Intelligent Potty will not only stimulate your child’s curiosity to become potty trained quickly, it will also make potty training a fun game for both parent and child.

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To learn more about Monbebe, please visit our About Us page or read our introductory blog post.

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